About Us

Natural – Organic – Pure

Our company was formed in February 2018. We are a small family company and we like to think of our customers, as part of the family. Our aim is to educate our customers, and share with them, the ever growing list of benefits, that CBD Hemp extract can provide. There is constant research being carried out by various organisations around the world to establish how CBD can benefit us all, in many different ways. They haven’t even scratched the surface yet as to the endless possibilities this remarkable, Natural wonder, could provide in the future. We want to share this knowledge with as many people as possible. We aim to educate the public as to why this is the future of our good health.

We proudly work with Organic Hemp farmers in Colorado. Their crops are grown without the use of pesticides, and in nutrient rich soil, without the presence of heavy metals. All of which are subject to third party testing. We employ good manufacturing process (GMP), which is USDA approved, at all times. Our products are rigorously tested at every stage. Each batch is provided with a certificate of analysis (COA), which is available to our customers at all times, to prove, that what we say is true. We want to provide an unparalleled customer experience, backed by Quality products at affordable prices, to guarantee your satisfaction.

Our super critical extraction process ensures that there are no harmful residues left in our products, and that all the vital cannabinoids and essential nutrients are all that remain. Every batch is tested by a third party laboratory to ensure its potency and safety for the end user. Our company prides itself in giving you,the best customer experience possible. From the fields of Colorado until the moment it reaches your door. Providing you with Organic, Pure, Natural, CBD products, that are second to none.