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Cannabidiol is currently undergoing many medical studies to determine its incredible powers and various uses for different medical conditions. One of many active compounds found in the hemp plant. These active compounds are known as cannabinoids, commonly known as CBD, which is the most dominant cannabinoid found in hemp. Unlike THC ( TETRA HYDRO CANNIBOL) it has no psychoactive effects. It will NOT get you high

YES IT IS. It is both legal in the UK and the USA and can be shipped to all 50 states. Our CBD is extracted from federally legal hemp plants. You do not require a license or doctors note to purchase our products. If this legislation changes for any state, we will inform you ASAP.

Our product has a very minimal amount of less than 1mg per bottle, the maximum amount allowed by the government, to make it legal. We believe it is very unlikely you would fail a drugs test for THC, however we make no formal claims, that with a sustained usage over a long period of time, that this will be the case.

The food and drug administration (FDA) and also its English equivalent does not allow us to make any medical claims regarding the many benefits of our products, beyond recommending them for general well being. If you believe you are suffering from a disease or illness, it is always best to consult your doctor or health care professional first. Having done that, there are many cases of people gaining great benefits from the use of our CBD products. Google is your friend, should you also wish to gain impartial advice, on a particular illness, and its relationship to CBD products.

There are companies out there that are selling Hemp seed oil as CBD extract, so it’s important that you know the difference. Not all Hemp oils are created equal !!! Hemp seed oil is made from compressed seeds, and is a good supplement or cooking additive, but it contains none of the concentrated cannabinoids, flavonoids or terpenes that give it the extra benefits for medicinal use. CBD extract is made from the whole plant, which makes it a broad spectrum oil. This is extracted via super critical carbon dioxide extraction process. This leaves all the concentrated levels of cannabinoids and terpenes, resulting in our premium full spectrum Hemp oil.

There are many types of Marijuana plant, including Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis. Industrial hemp is only the sativa variety.

While they are the the same plant. There are some distinct genetic differences. Marijuana plants are bred to have high levels of THC ( the high effect), while having very few of the essential cannabinoids that we want, including CBD. While the industrial hemp plant contains very little THC, and large amounts of CBD, FLAVINOIDS and TERPENES. All the rich goodness we need for medicinal purposes.

Legally the two plants are separated by the Agricultural Appropriations Act of 2014, which states that Industrial Hemp, must be below 0.3% THC by weight, to make it legal, to sell.

Everyone is different in this respesct. It also would depend on the reason why your taking it. Ie for mild anxiety, you may need a much lower dose, than pain management. We suggest you start low and increase it, to suit, if needed. We normally recommend 10mg, some may find 5mg enough and other people may need 40mg for their needs.

Always consult your Doctor or health care professional for medical advice.


Our products contain up to 80% CBD by weight. We will be constantly updating our product line with various different potencies, for people different requirements. Each label will be clearly labelled with its correct amount.

Our Hemp plants are farmed under licence and fully legally in Colorado USA. The CBD is extracted via super critical carbon dioxide process. This is the cleanest form of extraction, leaving only the purest form of CBD oil, containing all the vital nutrients required. Some companies use a heat process, which destroys many of the nutrients. Others use solvents, which can do the same, as well as leaving traces of the solvent still in the product. Avoid these at all costs.!!!

Carbon dioxide extraction is the cleanest form of extraction process that can be used. The hemp plants are placed in an extraction chamber and pressurised with carbon dioxide until all the vital nutrients and CBD are extracted. When the chamber is opened all the carbon dioxide dissipates, leaving no residues, there is no heat or solvents used, so all the pureness of the plant is preserved.

Absolutely, our customers safety and satisfaction is paramount to our operational success. We make sure that all our suppliers do rigorous checks, are GMP certified and have third party testing as well. To add to that we carry out our own testing as well as having our products third party tested too. Every crop used in our products is certified organic, pesticide free, USDA approved and tested for the presence of any heavy metals. Each batch comes with its own certificate of all the ingredients and level of CBD potency to ensure its completely safe and the purity is second to none. All of this information can be seen by our customers at any time.

All our Hemp crops are USDA organically farmed in Colorado, and the CBD is extracted immediately after the crop is harvested. It is then rigorously tested, given its certificate of potency and purity, then bottled in our Connecticut facility.


Our products are shipped directly via for our US customers and directly from our website., via Royal mail for our UK customers.

Our products are shipped directly via for our US customers and directly from our website., via Royal mail for our UK customers.

Yes. We can cater for people who want to place bulk orders. Please get in touch we’re ready to help.

Some banks automatically decline transactions passed through the English offices of visa and mastercard. If you experience this problem, please telephone your bank to give them a one time authorisation.



Since a relaxation in the laws, and an admittance, by our respective Governments, that CBD derived products have many medicinal benefits. There has been widespread popularity about these products. Although there is a long way to go before we discover its true potential. We are learning more all the time about CBD and other Cannabinoids and their potential regarding our future health. Like us there are many transparent people selling CBD oil, that is of the purest form and as potent as it is possible to make. Unfortunately there are some sellers out there who will sell you anything to make a quick  Profit, Often products that contain no CBD at all. Always ask for a certificate of purity and ingredients. 

Follow our guidelines below to help you find a suitable CBD oil for you.


There are many companies out there, who make outrageous statements about many products within the health industry, including CBD oil. There are many medicinal benefits to CBD, but its not a miracle cure for every ailment. Do some research to find out how it can benefit you


Certain products may contain illegally high levels of THC, this is the psychoactive compound ( that gets you high). Although broad spectrum hemp derived CBD oil will contain a low level of less than 1mg, THIS IS WHAT MAKES IT BROAD SPECTRUM OIL. CBD also contains flavonoids and terpenes which are an essential part of the required ingredients. These are essential to the purity. Anyone can press their own oil, but without a certificate of analysis, (COA) they have no way of telling how much THC or any of the essential nutrients are left. Don’t take the risk!


Sometimes its easy to think that the cheaper version of something is the most cost effective, and we could all do with saving money at every opportunity. Quite often in the case of CBD products though, they are cheaper for a reason. This may be that there is actually no CBD in the product at all, it may be Hemp seed oil, with little or none of the required nutrients, that you require from a potent broad spectrum CBD oil. The Hemp plant may have been grown in a third world country,with no regulations whatsoever in the process, was it grown where heavy metals were present in the soil? Were pesticides or fungicides used on the crop? 

Also be aware of labels that may say “200mg hemp seed oil” as opposed to “200mg of CBD extract” as this may be used to mislead you into believing its broad spectrum CBD, when its not. Hemp seed oil is a supplement often used as a cooking additive or food dressing, it cotains very little of the compounds needed for medicinal purposes.

You should also be able to find out where your suppliers Hemp crops are grown. If that’s not possible, it may be that the product you are buying is a synthetic oil, which may have solvents or even high levels of THC in them.


There are a number of ways to extract the oil from the plant.


Solvent extraction is the cheapest way to remove the oil from the plant. Solvent such as Hexane, Butane and Propane are used to dissolve the oil into a solution. This also leaves residues of the solvent remaining in the finished product. These can be carcinogenic. This is not something you, or your pet should be ingesting. This is the reason some CBD products may be cheaper. Best to avoid these if possible.

Organic alcohol can also be used as a method of extraction too. This is actually safer to ingest than the toxic solvents, such as Hexane and Butane. However as the alcohol doesn’t hold the plant waxes intact, some of the beneficial compounds are lost in the process.


This method is by far the most expensive way to extract the desired compounds from the plant. It is also the cleanest method that captures more of the essential ingredients required to produce a potent CBD oil. Carbon Dioxide is pressurised in a tank along with plant to isolate and extract the desired chemicals. Unlike solvents, its not flammable, nor is it harmful to the environment either, as once the tank is opened all the carbon dioxide dissipates, leaving only the purest oil, that contains no harmful residues. Always ask your supplier if they use the super critical extraction method before you purchase.


There are many different forms of taking CBD these days. You can buy it in oil tinctures, edible gums, vape liquids, isolate powder, massage oils etc. Its important that you pick the product that best suits your needs.


There are many concentration levels of CBD available too. You can get 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg and so on. Be aware its 500mg of CBD and not 500mg of hemp oil, as its easy to confuse the two. It will depend on why you are using the product as to what strength you require. Some people may only require 2-3 milligrams per day, others may need 10mg and some people even more. Its best to start with a small amount and adjust it if needs be.


Many oil tinctures will have a carrier oil in them, such as coconut, grapeseed, jojoba. The most common are pure hemp oil or coconut oil. These are often used to disguise the taste, and make it more palatable. There are also a variety flavours available, such as chocolate, mint and fruit flavours too.

Thank you for reading our CBD buyer guide. We hope it has given you all the information you need to purchase CBD products from a reputable supplier. Should you need any more information about CBD please reach out to us via our contacts page, or drop us an email at We’re always happy to help.