Collagen drink + vitamin burst


Our marine collagen revitalising powder can be mixed into a delicious, orange flavoured drink, in seconds. It's hydrolised for faster absorption into the areas it's most needed.Hydrolised means the molecules have been made smaller, so that your body absorbs a much higher percentage, much quicker than non hysrolised, inferior supplements. By the age of 45, you will of lost around 30% of your natural Collagen levels, our supplement will help you replace those depleted collagen levels to maintain a healthy collagen level, which is vital to promote healthy young looking skin and a reduction of lines and wrinkles. Give your skin tone a boost today.
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Vitamin Burst with Iron is a one stop capsule that provides 1oo% of the recommended daily allowance of all the essential vitamins, apart from vitamin k, plus with that added essential mineral, that is iron. These capsules contribute to everything from reduction of tiredness and fatigue, normal cognitive function, maternal tissue growth during pregnancy, energy levels, nervous system, metabolism, skin, vision, heart function, collagen, bones and many, many more benefits. Give yourself a boost and get some vitamin burst today.
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